Surfaces - Floors, Doors, and Walls

Solid woods were chosen for the floors and doors, due to a desire to avoid MDF anywhere, and they were sealed with a low-VOC polyurethane satin finish. Two different wood/trim combinations were chosen based on location in the house. Woods for doors were fir in the front bedrooms and bath (all visible in the majority of the hallway), and pine in the master bedroom. This was in part to match the natural wood finishes available for the doors and windows.

Trim pieces were replaced consistent with the two door / window motifs, and colors chosen for brightness. In the front bedrooms and hall, the trim was painted (paint-grade pine), and in the master bedroom the trim was a natural finish (stain-grade pine finished with low-VOC polyurethane).

(above) 1- Fir door (solid douglas fir, natural, satin, polished brass hinges), floor (red oak select and better, natural color, satin finish), casing (paint grade pine, eggshell finish), texture (no biocides or preservatives), wall paint (flat) (front bedroom / offices). 2- Pine door, outdoor (window) lighting, brushed silver hinges, stain grade pine trim (master bedroom suite)

(above) Intersection and contrast: bath/front BRs (fir, polished brass, room light), master BR (pine, satin, natural light).

Wall Surfaces

Walls were finished with a hypo-allergenic plaster (no biocides), which required mixing in the traditional way (versus today's common pre-mixed form) but otherwise applied as any other standard testuring compound. Wallpaper was pulled wherever possible. Paints were zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) for the flat wall paints,and very low VOC for the eggshell trim paints. Both the base AND the tints were from nontoxic material (with the exception of the guest bath, for which color errors and timing dictated tinting the base at the local hardware store (nontoxic tints were mixed at the factory, which required longer lead times).

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