Solid wood (pine) windows were chosen where applicable, double pane, low-e. For the 8 foot span windows in the front, which were unavailable in wood, fiberglass windows with wood veneer (fir) on the inside were chosen. Window treatments were minimalist, a simple set of louvered aluminum miniblinds chosen for the front windows.

Guest Bedrooms/Offices

(above) Front bedroom/office window, before and after

(above) Fiberglass structure with wood (fir) veneer trim, aluminum miniblinds. Exterior below.

Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom window, the existing header over the window was 6 feet wide. Our design philosophy included avoiding change to structural elements such as headers, while a French Door effect looking out to the pool was desired. Operable windows were also desirable, since this was the only ventilation opening in the master bedroom. Through use of a single door and split opening sidelights (actually the narrowest casement wood windows available), the effect was achieved while maintaining both door and window features.

(above) Master Bedroom window before and after

(Above) Portion of view from bed, and from exterior at night

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